Kiyoshi Fujino (藤野 清志 (ふじの きよし) Fujino Kiyoshi), nicknamed Kiyoshi (キヨシ), is the protagonist of Prison School and is one of the five first-year boys in attendance of all-girls school Hachimitsu Academy. His love interest is Chiyo Kurihara though he is also the object of affection for Hana.


Kiyoshi is a tall young man with dark blue hair and black eyes. Kiyoshi has an average weight and is lean at the start of the manga, but gains some muscle during his incarceration in the Prison Block of the school.

During his stay in the Prison Block, Kiyoshi wears the standard male prison uniform of a sleeved white striped shirt and striped trousers. In his second stay, he wears boxers for some time because of giving his shirt and trousers to Chiyo Kurihara.


Kiyoshi is a level-headed individual who seems to have a strong resolve under hard pressure. Unlike the other boys, he does not let his desires get ahead of him, and tends to be the rational member of the group. Kiyoshi is markedly the most normal of the boys in design and character, as well as the main narrator of the manga in thought.

He is tenacious but lacks the stubborn perversion of the other boys. However, he is capable of sometimes doing things that seem untoward or shocking to the other boys, such as cross-dressing to escape the Prison Block. Though he has sexual desires, he is much better at controlling them than the others; this is shown when he refuses to take advantage of Chiyo's attempting to throw herself at him due to her feelings of insecurity and inferiority towards her sister. Kiyoshi develops a deep love for Chiyo and this love is the drive of most of his actions throughout the series, and he engineers breakouts, sacrifices his first kiss, and goes to extreme lengths to stay in the same school with her and develop their relationship.


After enrolling at all-girls school Hachimitsu Academy with middle school friend Shingo Wakamoto, Kiyoshi is the first boy in Hachimitsu Academy to make contact with a girl, though he is unable to speak to them like the other boys. Kiyoshi then feigns an interest in sumo fighting to gain the attention of love interest Chiyo, a dedicated fan. After class, the two have a conversation about sumo wrestling and begin a budding friendship. Chiyo even invites him to watch a sumo match on the weekends with her, but he is soon incarcerated in the school's Prison Block by the Underground Student Council with the other boys for violating the privacy of girls in the female bathing area of the swimming pool. Chiyo mistakes Kiyoshi for Mayumi Tanaka in the bathing area when he enters alone, and when the girls outside raise the alarm, everyone except Kiyoshi leaves (who is caught elsewhere by the 40th USC President & crow-user Mari Kurihara).

Kiyoshi tries to prevent USC Vice-President Meiko Shiraki from beating the boys, which the boys in fact perversely enjoy. The USC Vice-President is then replaced by the USC secretary Hana Midorikawa, who beats the boys too much for their liking (and dresses modestly). However, Kiyoshi accidentally spies her peeing from a tree and falls lands into view of her crotch, which drives Hana to tears out of anger and embarrassment. Hana tries to get her revenge multiple times by watching him pee. Kiyoshi is then forced to conspire with Gakuto after he is jailed in the school's Prison Block with the other boys for 2 months, to attend the sumo match. The boys then mistakenly believe that both of them are gay as they spend lots of time plotting in secret in the Prison Block. After digging a large escape hole which is mistakenly filled by the Chairman with cement, the two boys steal a girl's uniform and use it with Gakuto's live hair wig to sneak a cross-dressing Kiyoshi secretly out of the school grounds. When Chiyo discovers her stolen uniform, she reports him for leaving the Prison Block and he soon discovers that Chiyo is actually Chiyo Kurihara, the daughter of the school's chairman. In tears, he returns to the school with Gakuto's collector figurine, which is destroyed by Gakuto to prove that he did not aid the breakout to the USC.

The USC then begins to enact Operation Boys Expulsion (男子退学オペレーション Danshi Taigaku Operēshon), codenamed DTO; a plan for the boys to commit two more breakouts through the manipulation of the boys in order to expel them. The boys appeal to the Chairman, and Kiyoshi earns them a one day extension on their expulsions by solving his "Tits VS. Asses" riddle and quoting Darwinian evolution in the superiority of the ass. During the boys' evidence-gathering efforts, Kiyoshi used Hana's grudge on him as part of their plan. Hana took the bait so that she could harass Kiyoshi again, but he successfully incapacitated Hana by making out with her, allowing him to execute his own part of the plan. When evidence of the DTO conspiracy was exposed to the Chairman, Hana attacked and injured Kiyoshi in a fit of rage, realizing that Kiyoshi kissed her only for the sake of overturning the boys' expulsion. The boys' successful proving to the Chairman that they were framed by the USC means that their expulsions are overturned and they are freed. Shortly after, the USC are jailed by the official Aboveground Student Council for physically abusing the boys and violating the school rules, but avoided a harsher sentence because Kiyoshi refused to pursue the matter out of guilt for deceiving Hana. However, Kiyoshi was eventually placed back in the prison again when he was caught for trespassing and attempting to collect evidence for Chiyo about how the official Student Council framed Meiko with burning a tree with a crowlings' nest.

During his second prison stay, Kiyoshi was blackmailed by a recently-freed Hana to take romantic pictures with her. Kate also managed to get blackmail material against Mari by successfully engineering a series of events that got Kiyoshi and Mari into compromising positions. Mari realized she needs Kiyoshi's help in her 'breakout plan' so that she could nullify Kate's blackmail against her. Kiyoshi decided to assist Mari when he and Gakuto discover that the Student Council plans to replace the Wet T-Shirt Contest in the USC's yearly agenda with a clamming trip, which also unifies the boys in heart and soul as a team in saving the Wet T-Shirt Contest. The Student Council continues their smear campaign against Mari through Kiyoshi's presence - Giving the student body the impression Mari was promiscuous for 'fraternizing' with boys, worrying Chiyo and making her jealous. When Chiyo ended up in prison as well, she struggles with clarifying the rumors with her sister and began acting strangely in prison, and even invites Kiyoshi to grope her. Kiyoshi resisted the temptation and helped Chiyo to clarify with Mari on whether was her sister being promiscuous with any boys. Kiyoshi also gives Chiyo his more tight-fitting shirt and trousers as an underlayer during her prison stay.

In the belief that he is aiding an escape, Kiyoshi supports Mari's breakout plots not realizing that she is only attempting to fight on a level playing field in the upcoming All-Student-Council Cavalry Battle in the school's Sports Festival, without escaping the prison. On the day of the Sports Festival, Kiyoshi joins the USC cavalry team. He was intercepted by Hana who still had the urinating feud on her mind, which Kiyoshi decided to settle the matter once and for all. Kiyoshi led Hana to the boy's dorm, where they began the day reminiscent of an awkward first-time date and ended up hiding naked under a pile of futons in a position that allowed Hana to urinate on Kiyoshi's face. During this activity, they narrowly escaped detection by Gakuto and Chiyo, through a series of coordinated actions where Kiyoshi hid his and Hana's possessions, and Hana sending a message to Chiyo. Chiyo and Gakuto saw Hana's confusing message but found the PBR fragment, and thus left. Hana then proceeds to pee over Kiyoshi's face but kisses him before leaving. The mental trauma this incident inflicts on Kiyoshi results in him doing reckless dares with the boys and avoiding the sun - until Gakuto's story inspires him to return to the USC strategy meeting. In the men's sprint, Kiyoshi and the other boys are physically crushed by a victorious Andre. Both Kiyoshi and Hana realized that they wore each other's underwear by mistake, but Hana refused to do the exchange despite Kiyoshi's multiple requests.

In the Cavalry Battle, Kiyoshi competes as the rightward jockey of Mari's Underground Student Council main cavalry team.[1] The vast crowd of schoolgirls on the opposing ASC side tips the odds against them until Mari has Kiyoshi show his erection to keep the schoolgirls at bay. In response, Kate sent the gyaru schoolgirl cavalry team led by Bitch to convince the other schoolgirls not to fear Kiyoshi. Hana promised to Kiyoshi to speak up for him in front of Chiyo, and proceeded to pull down his shorts to reveal his genitals and cross-dressing panties, which disgust even Bitch. The resultant stampede decimates the crowd but also led to Kiyoshi's near-death experience which reduced Hana to tears for a moment. Chiyo expressed her admiration for Kiyoshi's social sacrifice, mistakenly believing it was his plan all along to help the USC. Eventually, the cavalry match ended up a tie and the destruction of the prison.

Kiyoshi returned to school life as an ostracized student as a consequence of his actions during the Sports Festival. After mistakenly believing that Chiyo has ostracized him too, he attempted suicide in the classroom but failed. Chiyo came in to comfort him and correct the distorted message he received. With a revived spirit, Kiyoshi attempted to solicit funds from everyone in his planning of the Yakiniku party, where he planned to confess his love for Chiyo (However, Chiyo mistakenly believed that Kiyoshi is planning a birthday party for her). Among his money-making schemes include "pimping" out Gakuto to Bitch and going on a paid date with Hana - Although Kiyoshi himself wasn't aware that it was a date.

Trivia Edit

  • At three months jail time by Volume 17, Kiyoshi has served the longest time incarcerated in the school's Prison Block out of the five boys: for plotting to enter a female-only bathing area, & breaking into the Aboveground Student Council's office to collect evidence for Chiyo.
  • Kiyoshi has been the subject of the most perverted situations out of the five boys; this contrasts with his moderate behavior in comparison to the other boys.
  • Kiyoshi is the first of the five boys to kiss a girl; he kissed Hana to save the five of them from expulsion.
  • Kiyoshi's mother is a fan of sumo wrestling; the rubber she buys him & her knowledge of sumo inadvertently lead to his first relationship with Chiyo.[2]
  • So far, he's the only character in the manga whose age is revealed; he is 15 years old.[3]
  • Kiyoshi's character design has a slight visual resemblance to Makoto Yuki from the Persona 3 video game.
  • Kiyoshi also bares a resemblance to Yato from the anime Noragami, coincidentally the two have the same voice actor, Hiroshi Kamiya.


References Edit

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