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  • I've drafted up some policies that will apply to the whole wiki and thus concern you as a dedicated and active editor. Thus, I would like to invite your comment over at this thread.  Speedit   talk contribs 

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  • Hi Wordsniper,

    Could you please send affiliation requests to any seinen wikis you're in, including DXD, SAO and Accel World? I'd prefer if you could do it for me as you actively edit at those wikis.

     Speedit  17px  talk contribs  15:14, July 31, 2015 (UTC)

    PS: Medaka Box has a wiki as well if you've heard of it. Apply there as well. I'll be doing a Bleach request before signing off.

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    16:30, November 24, 2015
  • I noticed that you have a lot of technical know-how (with template editing) and good plot writing in the wiki, and I wanted to ask you for help with these pages:

    Takehito Morokuzu, Jouji Nezu, Reiji Andou, Shingo Wakamoto

    I've done less than half, and that's taken me ages. Please continue cleaning the plot pages as well, any help is reallly appreciated.

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    • Sorry i've beeen inactive lately so i didn't get the message. Its the least i could do to help. I'll go through the pages now. We may also need to talk about infobox tabbing for manga vs. anime images, though the current solution (gallery for manga), is fine for now. Can't wait until the anime either ^_^  >-<;

      PS: Congrats on the admin status, you deserve it. The character pages seem transformed, and its good timing with the anime coming as well

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    • Thanks! Its always nice to see activity to help the wiki along, what with the anime premiere coming up >0^0< its got me gassed as well. Btw, is it gonna be subbed, the trailers weren't but usually the JP promotional material from both MX & TV Tokyo aren't subbed?

      As for the infoboxes, i was wondering if you could try throw a technical solution together for the infobox tabbing and then make a template for the category? This would really help things in working on the wiki.

      I've also demoed a (admittedly weak) draft logo, any improvements I could make? [Inspiration (Volume One Cover)]


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    • It'll probably be subbed and might get fansubs early if not but its not likely considering a short amount of time for promotion. I would personally not engage in watching fansubs, their being blatantly illegal and subject to prosecution unlike the more grey-area scanlations. (Scanlations are still illegal in Japan, US and the EU zones due to bilateral copyright agreements, but usually impossible to police.)

      By template help, I assume you mean the page Template:Afb you linked to its category without creating inserting any data from the Recent Wiki Activity. Seems like an OK job, don't worry about it.

      The logo looks decent, if a little rough on the edges. The red Wikia text is a little noticable due to the lack of dark splodging like on the cover. Good job with the feathers, it looks faithful to the manga cover, if a little removed from the real EN cover . Still should be fine tho.

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    • I've noticed some friction between editing styles in the main character pages and elsewhere in the Characters section.

      Some appear like this:

      Meiko Shiraki ["白木芽衣子^しらきめいこRomaji: Shiraki Meiko]

      Or like this:

      Kate Takenomiya (建宮 競渡^タケノミヤ ケイト, Takenomiya Keito)

      It should stand as something like this

      Article name ("Kanji (Katakana) Romaji: Neimo article-desu), nicknamed Name (Kana),...

      This provides the clarity of the first without extra characters or non-standard characters (like the squared brackets), and obeys English clarity conventions of putting non-English characters in quotes and marking the romaji as such to English users. At least some editing time has been lost in this issue already.

      This will the de facto official source for the main protagonists & antagonists' kanji names and katakana. Other characters will have theirs produced through the manga raws and conversion programs like these ones for now, so we must make sure the manga and official site is our first source.

      Hope this helps, WordSniper

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