Satou (佐藤 (さとう) Satō), nicknamed "Cake-san" (ケーキさん), is a supporting character of Prison School and a first-year student in attendance at Hachimitsu Academy.[1] She is the love interest of Jouji Nezu and a member of the school's cooking club.


Satou is of average height, with black hair and eyes. She is commonly seen wearing the standard school uniform and glasses without a jacket. She wears her hair in two pigtails.


When a depressed Jouji Nezu attempts to charge into a girls-only area wearing tortoise-style bondage rope only in order to get back into prison, Satou unknowingly stops his voyeuristic rampage by offering him a cupcake from the cooking club. Their conversation is interrupted by a rope-wearing naked Andre bursting into the baths in his attempt to stop Jouji - which heavily disturbs Satou despite its positive effect on Jo.

When Jouji meets her again on the day of the Sports Festival, recognises her as "Cake-san" and asks her to be the jockey for their team on the Underground Student Council's side in the All-Student-Council Cavalry Battle. However, she is neither as competitive or fit as Anzu Yokoyama so Anzu is initially chosen by the boys to be the fourth member of the USC team with Kiyoshi's absence, over her. However, Satou outperforms her in the practice by not responding to Shingo's cheating. In all turned out to be for naught as both Joe and Shingo support Gakuto's nomination of the PBR to protect their nominated girl from the other.

The Sports Festival's Cavalry Contest is revealed to be elective with the USC's side facing nearly the entire student body on the opposing ASC's side. This results in Chiyo forming an auxiliary cavalry team with Satou as rightward jockey. During the long drawn-out match, Joe tried to undermine Risa's control over Andre, in which Kate counter-attacked by beginning to harass Chiyo's team repeatedly, where Satou was one of the recipients of her harassment. She revealed that Satou had a boyfriend (Much to Joe's dismay), and that her boyfriend was actually two-timing her (Much to Satou's dismay). In response to all the harassment, Chiyo led her cavalry team to attempt a suicidal strike to take down Kate's team but failed and were taken out of the game. It was not yet revealed what happened to Satou after the cavalry match.

Relationships Edit

Joe Edit

Her classmate. She often gives him one of her homemade food out of generosity (which she does for all of her classmates and friends). She also finds him humorous and is aware of his strange obsession with ants and his habit of giving her various nicknames like Cake-san and Star-san. Joe has During the cavalry battle, Joe was shocked to learn that Satou has a university boyfriend named Yoshida (who they later find out is cheating on her).

Trivia Edit

  • Satou was originally an extra until she made her second appearance in Volume 17 at Chapter 169.
  • It is revealed by Kate that she has a boyfriend named Yoshida, a student at Houchi University.[2]
  • She calls him "Ryomacchi" when they are left alone.[3]


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